From a peasant’s utility coat of the Austrian mountains to style icon of contemporary streets: the Loden

If you claim you have never seen a Loden coat in your life, you might want to double-check that thought. The iconic coat -named after the word “lodo”, as in ball of wool- has become a timeless piece of fashion over the years. Dating back to the 18th century, its purpose was to keep farmers and peasants warm throughout the cold winters up in the Austrian mountains, precisely in Tyrol. Because of the particular weaving process of the raw sheep wool, the Loden coat is naturally water-repellent, long-lasting and resistant. So how did this virgin wool coat loved by countrymen become a style icon? Well, just like every other icon, someone saw potential in it. As a matter of fact, Emperor Franz Joseph, wore a version of the Loden while hunting and decided it was the perfect basic mountain clothing for his noblemen. The Loden had then upgraded into an elegant winter garment for all nobility around Europe after late 1800, and maintained its position into fashion all the way to modern times. Since the 50s, fashion company Schneiders based in Salzburg, became the Loden manufacturer par excellence, with the elegant model known as Hubertus, “the huntsmen protector”. Much celebrated during the 70’s in different styles and cuts, it later developed into a signature item of left-wing intellectuals, successful lawyers, politicians and professors, and women too.  Leather buttons, comfortable “bell” fit to enable movement, and its typical forest-green shade are only a few of its recognizable details. The coat evolved into a classy must-have for any winter’s wardrobe, especially one of a gentleman who knows how to flawlessly style it, whether it’s a weekend in the Alps or a breezy day of January in the city. In any case, Wools Boutique Uomo is here to guide you through styling and pairing of this evergreen iconic item.

Editor: Sabina Angelini @sabinangel
Photographer: Yamina Laidani @yamina.laidani
Model: Lou Christou @london_boy_lou


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