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Window Display

Weekly you can discover in this section the window display of Wools Boutique Uomo, a small virtual space where you can view our display as if you were physically in the store. From sophisticated suits to casual essentials, the combinations of tailored shirts with handmade ties, trousers with tailored jackets.
Enjoy our window display presented in the shop directly on your screen!
Green Color Tie For Men's Formal Outfit


There are many tones of the green color, from opaque and cloudy tones to deep and brilliant greens that adapt which adapt to many formal outfits and add a touch of refined elegance.
Men's Ideas For Warm Color Outfits

Warm colors

These colors evoke a sense of warmth and comfort and can be combined with neutral tones, ideal for a refined and harmonious outfit and for brighting formal suits and jackets.
English country gentleman clothing

Sea and mountains

The color tones of this outfit represent the refined chromatic and luminous contrasts of a mountain landscape overlooking the sea, ideal for an office outfit but also for a relaxing weekend on a cold winter day.
Men's Light Colored Tailored Blazer Stonewall Moleskin Cotton

The other way around

Wearing a jacket in lighter tones with dark trousers is a refined and elegant way for a business meeting or for an event, in the office or for a dinner.
Valstar x Wools Boutique Uomo Navy Blue Wool Valstarino Jacket

Essential jacket

A classic bomber jacket ideal to wear almost all year round especially in the three seasons from autumn to spring, this version of iconic Valstarino jacket made with a refined wool flannel fabric by Taylor&Lodge.
Ideas For Men's Outfit White Tie

White tie in winter?

Why not! It is often considered to wear in the summer season with soft toned solid color outfits, the white tie is a bright element that can make a formal outfit refined even by using striped shirts.