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Who Is WBU

After fifteen years of running a successful boutique in the heart of Rome, Italy, Wools Boutique Uomo moves to Geneva, Switzerland, bringing along a stylish plunge on men’s Italian fashion. On the cobbled streets of the Geneva historic centre, tucked in between art galleries, charming cafés and watch ateliers, Wools Boutique Uomo displays carefully selected menswear clothing and accessories of understated elegance. The boutique is barely larger than a private dressing room, and it houses the hand-picked and classy, attention-to-detail wardrobe of owner Giovanni Saporito. Passion for the Italian lifestyle and for the Gentleman’s timeless style, a selection of essentil apparel for the contemporary man with impeccable taste: handmade silk ties, tailoring suits and jackets, iconic outerwear made with exlusive fabrics, handmade shirts, tailoring pants, are just a few examples of what the boutique offers. All combinations are ready to be matched to create and complete the perfect, classy outfit for both professional wear and free time. Classical styles and colours are mixed with contemporary flair, exquisite fabrics and manufactures are made in Italy, England, and Austria. An extension of the boutique is the online shopping experience, where several items are suggested in accordance with the season. A unique further service signed by Wools Boutique Uomo is the concept of tailored private wardrobes, as well as customized fashion accessories such as ties and scarves.

Our philosophy

Buy now cry later is an ironic invite to learn about the new vision signed Wools Boutique Uomo: the Italian reference brand for men's contemporary fashion. Respecting the client's need, WBU combines the following finest principle: Buy Less Choose Well.
The new approach is based upon the desire to persuade the customer to make a meticulous selection when buying apparel. This means keeping a timeless collection in one's wardrobe, while at the same time adding unique pieces of style. Whatever your need, WBU's selected brands and collections are available for enriching one's wardrobe with quality clothing that will endure in time. Here at WBU, you will find a selection of must-haves available all year long, in addition to new arrivals and updates on a weekly and monthly basis. WBU proposes seasonal apparel, capsule, and limited collections where sizes and availabilities are mostly minimal. Thanks to this unique selection, the philosophy of Buy Now Or Cry Later is an invite to clients to choose and purchase in accordance with the arrival and availability of menswear pieces in-store and online. this way, they avoid the regret of missing out on their items of interest. WBU proposes new ways to access the finest Italian luxury menswear, combining customers’ needs of keeping an updated and contemporary wardrobe by proposing a fresh yet traditionally elegant selection for the modern gentleman.