The men's loden coat by Schneiders is a timeless coat.

The fashion company Schneiders from Salzburg, produces exclusive clothing and high-quality that combine tradition with a modern touch.
The menswear collection have a classic and contemporary designs, heritage style through Tyrolean inspiration, including the iconic Loden.

The men's loden coat by Schneiders is a "timeless coat", suitable for any outfit, historic and elegant model Hubertus,

for classic outfit o smart casual, for example green olive color to wear during the day, or navy blue color in the evening  with a tuxedo suit. It can really be defined as "an evergreen coat" for that in the famous olive color "loden green", and for the particular "bell" model with bellows on the back, for the openings under the sleeves to allow air circulation, for the side openings to put hands in trouser pockets.

The fabric for Loden by Schneiders is virgin wool and alpaca,

and retains the same characteristics as the original fabric made for the first time a which by peasants living in Loderers, Austria, in the 16th century. With a craftsmanship of raw and oily wool from mountain sheep and alpaca wool, a soft and protective fabric is obtained and the water slides.