Gin addicted. Our passion for Gin Tonic

Gin is a distilled alcoholic drink with the predominant flavour of juniper berries. Gin is one of the widest categories of spirits, of various origins, styles, and flavour profiles, with juniper as a common ingredient.
Gin today is produced in subtly different ways, from a wide range of herbal ingredients, crafting a number of distinct styles and brands. Apart from juniper, gin nowadays tends to be flavoured with botanical, herbal, spice, floral or fruit-flavours or often a combination. It is most commonly consumed mixed with tonic water, ice, lemon zest or cucumber and mint or other fresh herbs.
Gin is also often used as a base spirit to produce flavoured gin-based liqueurs such as, for example, Sloe gin, traditionally by the addition of fruit, flavourings and sugar.
Gin was initially a medicinal liquor and monks in Italy were rapidly followed by other monks and alchemists across Europe, particularly Southern France, Flanders and the Netherlands - where gin is often incorrectly believed to have been invented, to provide acquavite from distillates of grapes and grains.
Choose among the many gins available today, and, to find your favorite one, taste it at room temperature, as all aromas and scents are more present due to evaporation. Cinnamon, nutmeg, pear, chocolate, apricot, black pepper, citrus fruits or botanicals: these are few of the many flavors we can perceive when tasting a gin.
Among our favorites: Plymouth, Monkey47, Bombay Sapphire, Bulldog, Caorunn, Hendrick’s, The Botanist, Tanqueray n° 10.
While gin is rarely enjoyed neat, it's important to taste the spirit on its own if you're really set on developing your own gin palate.

Select your favorite glass, it’s a question of pure pleasure!

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