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How a simple strip of fabric became a true gentleman’s best friend: an introduction to the men's tie-Wools Boutique Uomo

How a simple strip of fabric became a true gentleman’s best friend: an introduction to the men's tie

Not an obligation in most events anymore, the tie has a long history in communicating what occasion a man is dressed for through its infinite fabrics, patterns, colours and personalities.
It is truly fascinating to think that this simple piece of fabric can express a variety of intentions, and has become a real work of art as artisans have developed different methods and stories behind the creation of each one of them.
Dating back to the 30’s of the last century, the tie has always been connected to the idea of elegance in a man’s wardrobe. Made of wool, cotton or satin, with patterns or hand-sewed, it is impossible not to find a collection of them in each gentlemen’s closet.
With time, ties have been varying in style and colours, from elegant and subtle ones such as dark blue, green and bordeaux ties with geometrical or striped repeated motifs, to funkier and colourful patterns, such as flowers, pois and animals. This common repetition of motifs is called “All Over” and it is the most common to be found on ties.
Around 1985 is when world-known brands such as Hermes, Gucci and Ferragamo started introducing different motifs and daring to include animals, even exotic and multi-coloured ones.
It can be said that the proper action of tying the tie is itself a form of art. It is an action that is traditionally taught from one generation to another, in a family, as we can picture a father teaching his son how to gently knot the tie around the buttoned shirt before a special occasion.
The knot of the tie can be considered a symbol of union, fertility and life. There are different methods of tying the tie too. Although nowadays a tie is not always required, it is a must to have the perfect one for every occasion.
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