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Finamore Luxury Shirt Carlo Riva Cotton Sky Blue

Italian size
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Soft and refined men's shirt made by Finamore 1925 Napoli, ideal to wear for a contemporary smart casual outfit. This shirt is hand made with a refined 100% cotton italian luxury fabric by Carlo Riva since 1901. The historic Carlo Riva weaving mill produces shirting fabrics using large shuttle looms capable of creating fabric measures 90 cm high. The fabrics are then left to rest in rooms with controlled temperatures for about a year and then they are ready to make shirts with fabrics of extraordinary quality, with refined patterns, unique clear and bright colors. This fabric suitable for the three seasons spring/summer/autumn, easy to iron, machine washable with soft program, perfect for all classic business and free-time outfits, indispensable in every men's wardrobe.


  • Made in Italy 
  • 67% linen 33% cotton. Italian luxury fabric by Carlo Riva since 1901
  • hand-sewn "cucito a mano"
  • sky blue flamed color
  • washed look fabric
  • model/fit mod. Milano
  • regular fit, no slim fit, no large
  • collar mod. Zante classic french
  • collar with splints removable 
  • collar 3mm stitching
  • collar with soft lining
  • mother of pearl buttons
  • no pen pocket
  • round cuff
  • ideal to wear in the spring/summer/autumn seasons


  1. construction and stitching of the neck
  2. armholes with typical Neapolitan curl/arriccio, which allows softness and wearability in the movements
  3. shoulder and sleeves hanging
  4. the joist/travetto that reinforces the opening of the cuffs
  5. handmade buttonholes
  6. buttons in mother of pearl Australia
  7. mouche, a small triangular piece of cloth joining the shirt’s front and back panels, is applied to the sides of the shirt for reinforcing and to ensure a good hold


  • remove the splints before washing
  • hand wash, max 30°
  • machine wash, max 30°
  • do not wash with other colored clothing
  • do not use aggressive soap
  • do not bleach
  • avoid drying in the dryer
  • do not iron with very high temperatures
  • wash in professional laundry
  • reserve the buttons and splints attached to the label